Make You Bleed [Assassins Creed 2 Rap Music Video]

21 дек.

ROFL… И то не само защото изпълнителите се наричат TEAMHEADKICK

А и видеото (и парчето) имат доста добри моменти. 🙂

Изпратено от Ikarus-а.

BTW ето и текста, да си пеете с видеото 😀

Im like a Ninja, Hiyaa, come to make you bleed
Tip toein through the shadows, cause Im light on my feet,
Jumping off rooftops, using stealth to kill ya
Its like Ive been here before, this place is looking familiar
With a price on your head, theres no place you can hide
Ill use swords, blades, spears, poison, arrows, and knives
I take lives away, until there aint none left,
Im not a fan of Justin Bieber, Im the Angel of Death

I put the Ass in Assassin, Im kind of a Clown
But the guards will never catch me I dont want to get found,
Signing mad contracts, and and racking up bids
Takin way more hits than Rihanna did Ohhhh,
And did I mention Im the master of disguise
Stab you right in your back from behind 3 times
Was it me, or him, or somebody else
When you see me come a runnin then youll poop yourself

Some People have normal lives,
My only friends are blades, poisen arrows, and knives
Some People have a death wish
Ill Ghost you motherfucker, make you UN exist

Its looking Bleak, I come to make you bleed
No chance to escape, its Assassins Creed, So Bleak

Keep my voice low, no need to get loud
And if you think youve got me pegged, then I blend into the crowd
Hanging around with harlots and prostitutes
Turn around for a second, Ill pickpocket your loot
And shoot my hidden blade right into your chest
The axe to your dome is making a mess
Their perplexed, Hey. where did that guy go?

Crawlin up the building, hanging off the window
On the low, take a nap in the hay, let the law pass,
Then pop out with my blade stick it in your ass
Im fast, and to kill is my mission
Checking out mad butts with my eagle vision

Get out of my kitchen, when Im cooking up pain,
Tossing coins to the crowd, straight making it rain
Im a cereal killer, always eating fruit loops,
But I always got some time to stop and stare at some boobs.
Some People get no respect,
Ill send you swinging with a noose around your neck
Some people are over rated,
Like a chicken with no head, Ill leave you decapitated

Well being a killer really is lonely
Its hard to find a chick that is sick enough to bone me,
So I keep it undercover that my lover is my hand,
And if youve never had to do it, then you wouldnt understand
And my plan is to take everyone of you out,
Toss your ass off the roof or put some poison in your mouth,
And No doubt you cant shout with my sword in your ear,
Like Houdini youll disappear, later

Yeah of course Im running around on my horse,
Always swinging my sword, straight leaving a corpse,
Killing off the bad guys it never gets old,
Revenge is a dish that is best served cold

you can try to run, if you want, but youll never escape,
I got the hidden Gun, Cocked, pointed right at your face,
So watch your back because Im Dangerous,
Im the motherfuckin King of the Animus

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Един отговор на “Make You Bleed [Assassins Creed 2 Rap Music Video]

  1. GodForbid

    21 декември, 2010 at 23:34

    А всъщност е доста по-приятно от 90% от нещата, които сутрин пускат по радиата ахахах



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