WordPress is blackmailing me!

30 Юли

БГ версията на този пост е тук!

I don’t write in English because this is a Bulgarian blog, but this time i will make an exception. The reason is that wordpress is blackmailing me, by forcing me to pay for things that i don’t want to use 😦

I woke up this morning (it was a beautiful morning), opened my blog and… Ouch! At the end of every post the „Tags“ and „Posted in“ stuff are visible. So suddenly this is all over the place:

I thought, „LOL another fresh new feature“, so i started searching for a option to turn it off.. Mxm, no luck here. Then i went at the support forum, and the first thing that i saw was the topic: „Tags“ and „Posted in“ are no longer hidden (for ChaoticSoul template). Great! So i am not going crazy, and there must be some kind of bug (meantime i contacted the support).

So after about 9 hours we got a „official statement“ from wordpress:

A few weeks ago we did updates to all of the themes to make sure they showed tags and categories so that there is a consistent experience from theme to theme. Somehow Chaotic Soul was missed when we did the updates, but it was updated last night.

Both tags and categories are very important pieces to posts, so we feel they should be shown. If you don’t use tags, they won’t be shown. If you have Custom CSS you can hide „.postmetadata“

So i am like  0_o
THEY DECIDE THAT THEY SHOULD BE SHOWN! In my blog, with no option to turn them off!
So basically i am told, buy Custom CSS or Go F*** Yourself.

I don't want dog excrements in my blog!

I need to explain that it is really hard for me to like a template, because i have pretty high expectations, and my aesthetic point of view is pretty pretentious. I like „ChaoticSoul“ because it looks slick, and is pretty simple. And when i have something that looks like dog excrements at the bottom of my blog, i am not happy.

People try to tell the staff of wordpress that if this thing is going to stay there (no matter that nobody cares do we want it there or not), they should at least try to make it look a little bit „not so ugly“ by removing the „bold“ from the fonts, for example. The official response was:

I appreciate the concerns, but the styling for the Tags and Categories section was pulled straight out of the Archives views in the theme, which was designed by the designer of this theme.

To see an example, add /2008/ to your blog URL and you’ll see how it looks. Categories were already displayed on those pages, but Tags were added. The same type of formatting is used for the areas where tags and categories have been added.

So can’t you get someone that have at least little understanding about design to fix it? Obviously not, or all the developers in wordpress are blind (i have nothing against physical dismental people).

So what are my options? Buying „Custom CSS“ for 15 credits for year obviously. And obviously i am going to get it. But is this the way to sell stuff?
For example, i really enjoy the feature „domain mapping“. I thing that it is really useful, and i am gladly paying for the right to use it (i use it on two of my blogs). That is selling stuff. But when you force me to buy something, in order to get rid of something that you put in my blog, without asking me is BLACKMAILING!

So what is next feature dear fellows from WordPress?
Next week i’ll wake up and i’ll see a HUGE marble of doom in the middle of every post in my blog:

I contact support, with:
– WTF (what the funk) is this!?!?!
– One of our blind developers, put a „HUGE marble of doom“ in the middle of one blog, and suddenly we started to like it. We felt that this will become a very important piece to posts, so we feel that the „HUGE marble of doom“ should be shown everywhere + there will be consistent experience from theme to theme.
– But i don’t want it there!
– Yes but we feel that this is very important part of the post so we don’t give a heck what you thing!
– But can’t i remove it?
– Don’t worry! If you don’t understand our artistic point of view, you can just start paying for our new service „Turn off the HUGE marble of doom“ for only 15 credits per year! Have a nice bloging!

No, no wordpress! One more time – This is not selling, this is blackmailing!

I really like wordpress, because it has tons of cool little (and not so little) features. And lets face it, after having more than 500 post, moving to a different place seems almost impossible.

But forcing users to buy stuff like that is just not morally, and leaves in me kind of bitter filing 😦


AND YES, we speek Inglis!


We’ve made a few tweaks to the CSS for the Chaotic Soul theme which should address the concerns.

Adding tags and categories to the display is not an effort to sell our Custom CSS upgrade at all. Updating the themes to support tagging was long overdue. As mentioned, the other themes were updated several weeks ago and Chaotic Soul slipped through the cracks.

LOL, they actually did something with the dog excrements.

OK, so i have a question then? If the point is not selling the „Custom CSS upgrade“ why i can’t remove the „Tags“ and „Posted in“ from the post, because obviosly i don’t like this feature and still find it not very attractive?

EDIT2: Nick @

Hi Martin,
All of the themes display the tags. If you really feel that strongly about it, you can purchase the Custom CSS upgrade and hide the tags and category display.

And i really thought that the point was „not selling the Custom CSS upgrade“

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4 responses to “WordPress is blackmailing me!

  1. Dori Doreau

    31 юли, 2008 at 8:55

    i feel your pain 😦 hate the forced clutter on the bottom of my blog entries, too!


  2. stranger

    31 юли, 2008 at 10:25



  3. ...

    26 юли, 2013 at 15:15

    hahahah… css-a se updatewa za 5 sec



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