Петъчно: Ascend to Glory [Tribes Ascend Rap]

10 февр.


Ascend to Glory

It’s five percent luck,
twenty percent skill
fifteen percent concentrated power of will
five percent pleasure
fifty percent pain
and a hundred percent reason to be playing the game

Alright, your tribe doesn’t want to get into fights with the likes of us
because you know we’re doing it right
we got sentinels on the hill shrikes up in the sky
a juggernaut in your face and infiltrators sneaking by

we got a group of soldiers bringing the pain
we got a couple of raiders changing the game
we got a brute up in front drawing all your attention
we got a doombringer coming to achieve our ascension

i’m the technician baby your defensive magician
i’ll take you to school but first you gotta pay the tuition
get in my sights and i’ll change your molecular composition
forget physician nooby you’re gonna consult a mortician

best stay away from my base it could be bad for your health
you could consult a doctor or you could just see for yourself
the opposition has given away its only position
and while you’re distracted my raider brings the plan to fruition

I’m the raider baby and i’m flying through space
i’ll be so up in your face that i’ll be up in your base
i’m the generator hater and i do it out of spite
and when you think you’re gonna win i’m gonna turn out your lights

get back my jet pack’s starting to flow
start the attack get my back where’d the rest of your tribe go?
you want some more? your team’s moral is corroding
it might have something to do with all of your turrets exploding


Shrike checking in i’m the savior the gunner
the number one stunner, just downed your flag runner
hear the roar of my squad means we’ve already won
here comes an aerial assault that’s gonna block out the sun

doing everything he can not to expose his position
was it lack of radar or lack of blood eagle intuition
not the O.G. nooby i’m the newest edition
you think you’re the bomb? let me show you the definition

did i mention, my boy just snagged your flag
not to brag, but i think we’ve got this game in the bag
i’m the reason that they called my class OP in the last patch
you ever play frisbee with a spinfuser? catch!

Static noob! The shortest distance between you and I is a line
That my laser rifle can find just fine
inevitable reticle, hit scan master,
inform your family, cuz it’s gonna be a disaster

grab your flag and i’m flying 200 miles per hour
we’re gonna win like art of war and 48 laws of power
bust a flag cap in your ass play defensive starting to cower
pathfinding skills get your flag to the top of my tower

My tribe just scattered your forces and I just found me the path
i’ll never be caught you say shazbot, just go take a bath
cuz you’re washed up, like Khan i’m gonna make you feel my wrath
how did we ever get so adept? Comon just do the math!

Chorus x2

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Един отговор на “Петъчно: Ascend to Glory [Tribes Ascend Rap]

  1. deyannn

    11 февруари, 2012 at 8:55

    Що няма коментари за това яко клипче!
    Вчера цял ден го слушам в работата!



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