I Am Alive – PC announcement trailer

26 авг.

Ето го и „PC трейлъра“ на I am Alive.

Аз рейджнах изразих мнението си за PC версията тук, а така като гледам, не само аз се напрягам… 😀

PC версията се очаква на 13-ти септември.

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3 отговора на “I Am Alive – PC announcement trailer

  1. Potato

    27 август, 2012 at 18:41

    „Why PC gamers should not support Ubisoft.
    1. They claim 95% of PC users are pirates.
    2. They have a habit of milking ever IP they have until it’s dead.
    3. They want to take the PC market and make games F2P. Now this might sound good on paper, but in the end you’ll be forking over more money then you would have initially if your purchased the game through retail. They’ll get you through many micro payments.
    4. Their invasive DRM practices.
    Ubisoft thinks you’re all stupid, don’t support them
    hdomni 3 days ago 49 “ – hdomni


  2. Call of Duty Fen

    2 септември, 2012 at 21:49

    13-ти септември ли?



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